Thursday, August 30, 2012


My nephew -- artist Matt Pollock! -- has information and invitation for you. That'd be you, especially if you're in the Boston area!

My dearest friends and family,

As you may know, I recently have become Executive Director at HarborArts, Inc. HarborArts is a collaborative, global community whose sole purpose is to protect and preserve our oceans and waterways by helping each of us to understand the issues and solutions facing our blue planet. HarborArts is a platform for dialogue; it creates the stage for creative individuals and groups to express themselves using monumental public art to create environmental awareness. We are HarborArts, Inc. - Monumental Public Art for Sea Change!

Starting in Boston, HarborArts, Inc. sees its call to action attracting worldwide attention as it increasingly plays host to public art projects, community events, a marketplace for reclaimed materials, educational programs that further HarborArts’ goal of helping people understand and respect our valuable water resources, and hosting an International Outdoor Gallery of monumental public art. Nowhere else can the public visit and view art while engaging with an active working shipyard. HarborArts effectively utilizes our waterfront neighborhood to invigorate great civic pride for communities neighboring Boston Harbor. Located on the Boston Harbor Walk, the site of this outdoor exhibition offers views of downtown Boston and the Seaport District. Equally, HarborArts is part of the vista from the Boston waterfront, with clear sight lines to it from the city’s landmark contemporary art museum, the Institute of Contemporary Art.

Right now, I am organizing this year's HarborArts Festival. HarborArts, Inc. is hosting the Two-Year Anniversary Celebration of the grand opening of our Outdoor Gallery in the Boston Harbor Shipyard and Marina. The shipyard sculpture park opened in 2010 with our exhibition of 30 large-scale outdoor pieces of public art by artists from three continents, curated by Randi Hopkins from the ICA. The International Outdoor Gallery is a collection of “art with a purpose.” I would like to invite you to engage in this celebration with us and the Boston art community on September 22nd, 2012. In 2011, our festival brought nearly a thousand visitors to the pier, and we expect many more this year. The festival will honor the current international exhibition as well as the local arts with food, drinks, activities, art, vendors, live music, performance, galleries and much more.

As well as your attendance at this event, I would also like to invite each of you to participate in this spectacular Festival. Right now, I am $2,500 short of my pre-festival goal. I have launched a RocketHub Campaign to try to make it to our goal. By raising $2,500 for the festival, it will cover the leftover expenses of production and raise that much more for "Monumental Art for Sea Change" on the day of the event!

I wish you all well, and I hope to see those of you who can make it on September 22nd, 2012!

If you can, help us reach our goal for HarborArts Festival 2012 - Check out the RocketHub link below and pass it along. Thanks!

Please pass this link along to family and friends. Thanks!

Always lovely to have artists in the family! And, of course, Go GREEN!

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