Monday, August 27, 2012


Well, actually, NOT QUITE.

I'm still drafting the blog for what looks to be my next book, 5 Shades of Gray (Yes, Gray, not Grey). But I'm sharing it now because it's tickling me (though not with a feather).  Yes, this would be a poetry collection under my favorite category of "What I Do To Amuse Moiself"!

Plus, if you need a chortle, I do recommend the referenced YouTUBE video of Ellen Degeneres reading this global bestseller. I mean, can you believe this book's numbers!?  It topped (no pun intended, if you know what I mean) Harry Potter for Xmas' sake!

(For my book, be careful of typos in the URL.  If you typed 500 instead of 5, for instance, you'd end up ... elsewhere ... chuckle)

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