Sunday, August 19, 2012


Picking up my Sunday Desk series where I show what my desk looks like each Sunday. Yesterday, it looked like this as El Hijo commandeered the family computer all weekend to work on a biology paper:

I love that he's starting out the schoolyear with a great attitude. When we did a Saturday break to go shopping for back-to-school supplies, he also worked during the car ride on an English assignment related to increasing vocabulary. So he had a group of words he had to define and use in a sentence. I'm still smiling over our discussion over the word "efface." The sentence he finally came up with was:

"When I am embarrassed in front of people, I want to efface myself."
He said that out loud, then wrote it on his assignment paper, then paused before going on to the next word to explain, "Mom, of course that's just fiction. If I embarrass myself in front of people I don't really give a crap."

I thought about chiding him over the word "crap" but he's a 16-year-old boy and, honestly, who gives a crap. Instead, I praised his attitude because a person not afraid of getting embarrassed, of taking risks, may go further. Besides, read my blog -- see how many times Moi puts herself in a position of possibly being embarrassed. Instead, her loving Peeps usually cooperate and a project is created! To think I once was a shy, self-effacing type. Well, I'm glad that phase didn't that last long -- there are many disadvantages to being said self-effacing type and one of the biggies against it is that it's simply not ... interesting.

Michael, at a minimum, is not just guapo but interesting. Life is good!

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