Thursday, August 16, 2012


Woot!  Michael and his compatriots' summer internship has gotten some neat media coverage, including HERE!  It's illustrated with a photo showing the interns (click on tiny group photo icon atop the article).

So proud of the Dude.  Here he is at a Mom-Son lunch I took him to after he returned from Nicaragua.  We checked out a new restaurant and, after he looked around, he said he was "the only kid" there.  I looked around, too, and, Yep, it was a nice French place populated by Ladies-Who-Lunch.  I hadn't realized that about the restaurant but, Whatever: I told him that, as with sending him to Nicaragua, I wanted to raise  him to feel at home anywhere.  Anywhere.

I do with parenting what I do with poetry: just wingin' it ... but the key is to wing up with mucho Amor.  Wings!

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