Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Missed some good stuff while I was gone.  Like, thanks (!) to Edric Mesmer and YELLOW FIELD 6 for this review of the relational elations of ORPHANED ALGEBRA:

The gift, we recall, of feminist theoreticism is the paradigm shift. Tabios and hastain place this at the eros of collaboration, and that’s its success: that the recognition of difference might make unlike circumstances empathetic frameworks. Begun through appropriated “word problems” from grammar school math equations, Tabios is able to ask, “What algebraic relationship moved you to bestow on mundane pigeons the halos of peace and other faux debris from trawling old memories of desire-ridden imagination that would come to plummet into ruin?” Transcendent then of equation, the series is able to interrogate “remainders” of information fallen outside the easiness of “whole sets,” or any given. In response, hastain posits xir own questions regarding the crepuscular—O favored of poetic words!—and relational identities: “Patina does relate to positing. Scratches secrets into the underside of blocks or blocs. That stone did hold that child’s expression.” The pairing also invites each poet’s critical reception of xir collaborator, as well as a startling sequence of stances through which hastain permutates “different set[s] of lovers” approaching the limit of Tabios’s partial problematic: What is a[p]parent?
YELLOW FIELD 6 also has 3 poems from my manuscript-in-progress, Reproductions of the Reproductions of the Empty (the more I reference that title, the more I realize I need to change it).  The poems are in great company, and I'm grateful for this particular community's support.

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