Monday, July 30, 2012


Moi am back.  Moi was visiting Mom here:

That's my big brother, Fil, on the bridge leading to my Uncle Tony's farm in Santo Tomas, Philippines (gaw-geous country but ick with the humidity and how bugs consistently so love me I once wrote about my "milk-fed veins" in a poem for said bugs).  Love how those recycled tires collate bamboo into a bridge...

We returned yesterday and something funny happened while we were lounging in the airport waiting for our flights.  We were reading the local Manila papers, and, what do you know but my name is in one of the articles in the Philippine Star!  What are the odds that you unexpectedly fly across an ocean and then see your name name-dropped into a local paper!? What was great about that is that I then could point to that article and nota bene Fil just how "world famous" I am -- to which he replied along the lines of That and a subway token gets you on the subway!  (Which, of course, is how I feel about poetry "fame"...)   Here then is Fil with a copy of the paper I forced him to hold for a photograph, with the article he described as "What is that guy talking about...!"

Trash talkin' with big bro: Eileen 1, Fil 0! 

And now to the overflowing IN-Box!

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