Sunday, June 24, 2012


Here's the third of my snapshot series posting an image of my working desk every Sunday.

On the laptop screen is an image that will appear on the front cover of my next  book -- my 20th poetry collection! -- coz that's what I do: make books.  It's from the "MacArthur Paintings" series by brilliant artist jenifer k wofford.  I love jenifer's work and particularly empathize with her approach in the MacArthur series which recontextualizes the iconic photograph image of General Douglas MacArthur and other soldiers wading onto Philippine shores during World War II.  My next book's title?  THE AWAKENING (also considering THE AWAKENING OF A) -- look for it later this year! More details most assuredly to come...
Among the books--poetry books!--on the desk is the newly-released CEMETERY CHESS: SELECTED AND NEW POEMS by Sandy McIntosh.  I'm so glad to see this book is out because it's interesting to see the historical trajectory for a poet who's doing something fairly unique in contemporary poetry: his blend of humor and surrealism.  No one else I know is approaching poetry the way Sandy McIntosh does and I do highly recommend you check out this book!  And, hoo-haa! A review copy is available for Galatea Resurrects!  (Well, actually, there is one famous--insofar as poets can be famous--poet out there who also mixes humor and surrealism, but this nameless one doesn't do it as effectively or layeredly as McIntosh.  That's a detail just for moi amusement...)

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