Sunday, June 17, 2012


Here's the second of my snapshot series posting an image of my working desk every Sunday.

Among the contents:

--computer open to a blog I've been reading with much pleasure: People in my Neighborhood by Livia Gerson. It's a blog with a deceptively simple premise. Livia lives in Nashua, New Hampshire and this blog of interviews of its residents is a way for her to get to know her neighbors and the neighborhood. But something about her writing is inviting and addictive (even if you have no link to Nashua). One commenter said it was like Studs Terkel and I'd agree; the writing also reminds me of Allen Bramhall's posts, not because they write similarly but because both can take seemingly mundane details and make them something larger, occasionally transcendent (remember Allen's meditations as he tours his local malls? makes Moi grin just remembering...) . Anyway, good writing is a pleasure and thanks to Livia Gershon for such indeed.

--poetry on desk today includes FIFTEEN POEMS by Bobbie Louise Hawkins (so happy Belladonna reprinted this), along with her SELECTED PROSE (where BlazeVOX shows why it is a necessary presence in publishing!). Angel-work for both projects was conducted by Barbara Henning -- kudos to her for her efforts as editor and, more importantly, someone wise enough to see the possibilities from what she thought would be a simple interview of Ms. Hawkins.

--as ever, the cuppa java... as the last thing one wants to do is sleepwalk through one's life, di ba?

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