Saturday, June 09, 2012


Yay.  Friday was the last day of school!  I passed 9th grade!  See, no one ever told me that to parent a kid meant having to re-do school!  Anyway, remember that elegant refrigerator that won't let me post Mommy ephemera etc on it?  Well, after I looked at all the stuff Michael brought home from school, here are more images that I would magnetize on my refrigerator door if it was magnet-izable.  Here he is with, from his Art class, his sketchbook opened up to a still life that he entitled "My Still Life" (chuckle).  The other images are of pages from his sketchbook.

Below is the rubber stamp he carved from, uh, rubber.  You stamp that stamp and you get ... Superman!

Another page with various drawings:

A page that includes our a drawing of our beloved Achilles--woof!

Below is another depiction of how boy culture is gore culture!

This next one is cool -- it's actually of Clint Eastwood wth guns blazing ...

I hope you enjoy my son's blogged exhibition!  Naturally, Mama Moi is very proud!

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