Tuesday, June 05, 2012


As I'm always thinking of ways to spice up Galatea Resurrects, I concocted an idea I'm calling "Random Diptych" and am hoping this will interest some of you Peeps.

I'd like to send two books chosen randomly from GR's review copy list to a reviewer. That person then can review or engage with the two books in any manner deemed fitting. The idea is, yes, to engage with a poetry publication but also somehow elicit an (as of now) unknown/unanticipated relationship (including maybe non-relationship, I'm easy) between two publications, or poems in the two publications.

Actually, I can choose two books at random or you can choose one (from http://grarchives.blogspot.com/ ) as long as I toss in the second one so that we have that randomness in play.

Now, you might request the two books and end up not being able to review the project in this way, but rather would prefer to do individual reviews of each book -- that would be a fine result, as well! We have so many review copies and if this is a way to get you thinking of engaging with a poetry project that'd be fine, too!

Do please email me at GalateaTen@aol.com if this idea interests you, or if you see a review copy you would like to review.

And please do help lighten out the heavy load of review copies on moi bookshelves, not to mention floor!  Here they are longing to be read: