Sunday, June 17, 2012


There are two things I like about this Father's Day drawing that Michael did for the hubby:

The first thing I like is how he focused on one of our favorite ways to dine on weekends: hamburgers on the grill!  It made me think about how we've been parents for less than four years, and attachment is an ever-complicated thing to achieve in adoption.  But one of the ways (I'd heard) is to create family traditions.  I don't know that the hubby and I intended these hamburger grilling affairs to be a "tradition" -- I hadn't even realized Michael paid enough attention to them such as to highlight the event in a drawing.  But, okay, someday when he looks back, I hope he looks back happily at when the three of us used to dine frequently on Dad's burgers (see the pink burgers he drew smoking up on the grill.  such an enchanting detail!).  His father, by the way, grills GREAT hamburgers!

The second thing I like about the drawing is how he sees us better than what we are (which I hope extends to many things, believe me). That is, just as he drew too much hair on the hubby's head, he drew me skinny.  Actually, I don't like it -- I LOVE IT! 

Happy Father's Day!

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