Tuesday, June 19, 2012


You know, I haven't patted Moiself on the back lately -- no wonder the universe has felt imbalanced.  To wit, do allow Moi to preen over a missive sent over by a UC Berkeley professor:

hi eileen,
just to let you know, my students read your poems yesterday in class as I am teaching this summer… exceprts from commodities and the mail-order bride poems. they love your work and said that they enjoyed reading your poems because they were funny and yet talked about colonialism, globalization, commodification of women, etc. etc.
among the many many poems we read this summer, they liked your poems best.
they also thought haynaku hilarious!!!!
just wanted you to know how appreciated your work is.

My, my: bravo to Moi!  Of course, it's timely to recall why the hay(na)ku is funny!  Remember that it's partly riffed off a childhood rhyme translated to English as:
Two Three
Your Dad's bald!

Thank you poets and creative writing teachers who use my work.  Please continue: Moi is really ... funny!

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