Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Very grateful for this new review of my collaboration with the brilliant j/j hastain, the relational elations of ORPHANED ALGEBRA. It's written by Zvi A. Sesling and here's an except:

[Tabios] states, “…how could I not be moved by orphans – how could I remain a poet and not write about orphans? Thus, the “ORPHANED ALGEBRA” poems.
In an essay entitled "Engaging My Trans', hastain states, “I identify as Trans/Genderqueer (both in terms of physiology as well as text). …I speak of my own philosophies of Trans as someone who identifies as Trans. By Trans I mean never only feminine nor only masculine. I mean that you need you to not need me to be solely a woman or a man. I mean embodied-motility. I mean morphability. I mean mutability. I mean please inquire tenderly before assuming. I mean please have your desire to contact me be rooted in our working collaboratively to create future spaces that can include an even celebrate all bodies that in any way transgress the social norm.
As Tabios explains, “Indeed, j/j is moved by xir own circumstances to create new pronouns to reflect xirself. While, as reflected in references to xir, j/j currently uses such pronouns as “xir” and “xe” to reflect “gender free” pronouns that are socially accepted.

And I will stop here and simply urge readers to read and re-read this most fascinating of books I have engaged in a long time. Read and learn so many new ways.
I do hope you check out our book, which is quite unlike anything I'd written previously ... because if I'm going to be blessed by the Muses to be prolific, I want each book to be ... unexpected.

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