Sunday, August 26, 2012


So, after the honey was collected in a bucket by the extractor (see prior post), we jarred the honey in jars today!  The thousand-words-plus commences:

First, here is said bucket, with more smushed honeycombs that we placed atop it to leak out those last few drops:

Here's a honey-covered spatula which, yes, I did lick...

Here's Tom as he moved honey from the bucket to a jar:

Here's our very first jar!  It only took three years, one demolished hive and one junked harvest to get here--yes it deserves a rose from the garden, which is to say that rose probably also is in the honey:

The final tally?  Nearly 17 pounds in 16 jars and two mini-containers (we are researching labels as we speak):

Last but not least: the conclusion of vanilla ice cream and Galatea's organic honey -- a potent mix!

And why does this belong on this blog, a poetics blog, you ask?  Well, Dears, color is a narrative.  The dark-amber color suits many of my poems.  This also is very dense honey, with said density also like many of my poems.  That's the best I can make up for now!  I'm too distracted by the above dish!

And a Sweet Sunday to you too!

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