Tuesday, August 28, 2012


BLISS, here, is defined as working concurrently on two book designs for one book by Mom and one book by Moi. 

This seems like such a logical state of affairs, ever since Mom noticed me as a toddler folding pieces of paper that I would align into a shoebox -- I was making books, according to Mom, and putting them onto a bookshelf.  Was I even two years old at the time?  Faith--one of the most precious things we can give our children, or anyone.

Here's Mom when she was a college student at Silliman University, working on a Master's Thesis that would become one of the earliest investigations of "local color" in Filipino English-language literature ...:

Here she is more recently reading, of course, a book!  (She was reading my THORN ROSARY at the time):

Thanks, Mom, for all your faith in my books (though I likely, ahem, will not send you my newest one).  I hope you like the design Michelle and I are putting into your own first book, DAWAC

A first book at age 82!  Mom, you are an inspiration!

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