Tuesday, September 23, 2008


, bought some poetry books including --because I "give a fig" -- through a subscription to Les Figues' TrenchArt Tracer series which means I purchased:

TRENCHART: TRACER, aesthetics (wire-bound)
A Fixed, Formal Arrangement by Allison Carter (forthcoming 09/08)
re:evolution by Kim Rosenfield (forthcoming 10/08)
I Go To Some Hollow by Amina Cain (forthcoming 01/09)
a by Sophie Robinson (forthcoming 03/09)

along with an aesthetics pub by TrenchArt Tracer Visual Artists Susan Simpson and Ken Ehrlich.

I also cheerfully acquired:

AFTER RIMBAUD'S ILLUMINATIONS by David Baptiste-Chirot (whose resonant text had earlier inspired a hay(na)ku sequence that appears in The Light...glad to see it in this format as I'd earlier seen it as an email)

the allegrezza ficcione by Mark Young (I highlight this novella as a future 21st century classic; I wanted a copy of the updated-designed version, or 2nd edition version, though I'm happy to have the original version which is good to have if you are a book collector)

NOVALESS by Nicholas Manning (I wanted to have this after seeing a sample viz a chap put out by Achiote Press. These are not just lovely "machine songs" but very smart poems)

COLLECTED CHAPBOOKS by Sheila Murphy (imagine a 599-page hardcover! This BRICK-Lover salivates over the prospect....!)

I also bought copies of a couple of my own books for gifts:
DREDGING FOR ATLANTIS (thanks Mark, I'm honored to be in your catalog)
THE BLIND CHATELAINE'S KEYS (which is newly-available on Amazon this week).

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