Monday, September 22, 2008


I am delighted to announce the inaugural recipients of the GALATEA PUBLISHER AWARD:

No Tell Books


Otoliths Books

So what does this award mean? It means I admire these two independent presses for their commitment to poetry and how said commitment has resulted in fabulous poetry books. No Tell Books is published by Reb Livingston and Otoliths by Mark Young. For receiving this HIGH HONOR, they get the prizes of (1) this blog post (yay!) and (2) that their catalogues will be available to reviewers in the next and 11th issue of Galatea Resurrects (GR).

What peeps who don't review for GR don't know is that, usually after each issue, I email a list of books to the reviewers and, as "payment", they can if they wish choose two books from that list. That list includes most books published by my own Meritage Press and whatever spare inventory I have about (including of my own books). Well, many reviewers keep on reviewing for GR and the list doesn't change much. So I decided that for each issue I should include the catalog of a deserving poetry publisher(s) for GR reviewers who've reviewed for more than one GR issue. Hence, No Tell Books and Otoliths -- if a GR reviewer expresses interest in their books, I'll buy it for them. For each issue, I'll choose another poetry publisher(s).

Hopefully, this also will encourage y'all out there to consider reviewing for Galatea Resurrects -- many lovely titles available HERE.

Certainly, such should also facilitate poetry book-buying, always a problematic issue, di ba?

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