Friday, September 12, 2008


News from the Netherlands: Rochita says the hay(na)ku is the drug of choice!

I keep being fascinated by the hay(na)ku's travels. One of the contributions to the forthcoming THE CHAINED HAY(NA)KU project comes from nine non-poets who work in a major conglomerate. They put it together viz office email...which is why the authors will have to be masked as we don't want said conglomerate to know what they are actually doing when they're supposed to be pushing different paper, yah? Poets used to steal supplies from their day-jobs. Now, viz hay(na)ku, poetry is stealing time from corporate space -- well, it should! The hay(na)ku, too, can be your rebel!

And how apt that my latest addition to the BOUGHT POETRY LIST is SAPPHO DOES HAY(NA)KU by Scott Keeney. Poems can be viewed HERE, but I also bought a copy of the limited edition put out as the inaugural offering of Sesphyrus Press, published by lovely poet and artist Rachel Andrews!

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