Thursday, September 04, 2008


Achilles Sez: "Woof Woof! I continue to beautify the poetry world with my images! Thanks Mama-Moi and Senor Silliman! Wag my tail, why dontcha!"

Meanwhile, Geof Huth and Jean Vengua are mentioning books they've purchased on their blogs. This isn't a bad idea -- that poet-bloggers mention a poetry book(s) purchase whenever that happens (anyone else doing this on a regular basis?). After all, among the classic contributions to the series "Define A Real Poet" is
A Real Poet is someone who buys poetry books

I personally like the variation
A Real Poet is someone who steals poetry books

but that's a story for another day.

On my Relished W(h)ine List, I usually post just poetry books READ rather than bought. But with this post. I inaugurate BOUGHT POETRY COLLECTIONS OR BOOKS BY POETS category. And here's my first entry -- which is a way for me to point you to one of the great bargains currently out there even as you support a deserving small press, BlazeVOX's BAKE-SALE-PLUS -- $100 bucks for ten books (though I got 11 because I'm special):

All My Eggs Are Broken by Michael Basinski
Dreadful Quietude: A confused saturation of Pre 9/11 America & Supermen by Geoffrey Gatza
Face Blindness by Megan A. Volpert
Holiday Idylling by Vernon Frazer
Mainstream by Michael Magee
Please Do Not Feed the Ghost by Peter Ramos
Poetic Architecture by Kent Johnson
Quinn's Passage by Kazim Ali
To Be Sung by Michael Kelleher
Victory by Clarice Waldman
First Baby Poems by Anne Waldman (forthcoming)

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