Thursday, August 28, 2008


Jim McCrary has a huge collected chap works in progress. Here's moi blurb:
Love has a huge expanse and with this collection, Jim McCrary effectively shows how one of its forms can be "abuse" of language--nothing short, indeed, of "love(ing) it to death".
--Eileen Tabios

It took me all of three seconds to write that blurb. I think all blurbs, if they're not already being written within three seconds, should be written within three seconds. Most blurbs are as much about the blurber's identity anyway rather than blurb content. I'm honored Jim asked since he knows my name's good-for-nothing. Anyway, look forward to Jim's work forthcoming from ManyPenny Press!

But already released is Tim Gaze's fabulous and fabulously innovate glitchy, visual poetry NOOLOGY which Moi highly recommends. You all are familiar with *electronic glitch music*? Fascinating stuff--there are people who make music using sounds from hardware & software malfunctions, such as cds skipping. glitch music tends to have a choppy, lurching character.

Okay. I actually didn't know that stuff about glitch music until this week when Tim kindly was teaching me. I like hanging out with people who are so smart that, at cocktail parties (e.g. blog posts), I can use their teachings to make me sound like I'm smarter than I am. Anyway, in NOOLOGY, Tim is reaching for a similar sensibility in visual poetry and I think you all should check out his work (an antidote to some of the (to quote a highly-effective poemwrd by Tom Beckett) "oinkonomics" going on in blogland of late).

Okay, men. You go!

And the Chatelaine reaches for her goblet of 2005 Aubert chardonnay from the lovely Sonoma Valley...