Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well, wow. Yesterday, this blog received more hits in one day than it usually gets in a week. I guess the issue of poetry-buying ... rankles.

But in celebration of my Sillimanian-stats, I do need to point you to Ron Silliman's Historic Achievement. And do follow up by buying the book that attests to the Life in Poetry: THE ALPHABET.

Congratulations, Ron! (And what a delight to see poets put out thick books-grin). This also reminded me to finally buy his The Age of Huts (compleat)...and I did!

Meanwhile, since book-buying interests many, here is a follow-up survey that John Bloomberg-Rissman would like to conduct. John notes, "An interesting followup to this survey would be to know how many OTHER non-poetry books these same folks bought over the same 12 months, and what. That way it wd be possible to determine how much of one’s book fund goes to poetry, how much elsewhere …"

So if you would like to participate by noting your non-poetry book purchases in the past twelve months, please send your information to John at

I'll cheerfully start. My non-poetry book purchases encompass the following areas:

fiction (novels)
memoirs / biographies / autobiographies
art history/studies
art monographs
socio-cultural-political studies
leather-bound versions of classics and other good-reads

I also have stray and very minor purchases in philosophy and cookbooks...

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