Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Because I'm constructing Galatea as Poetry-As-(Literal)Landscape, there naturally will have to be sculptures on said Landscape. This begins the list of ideas:

1) The road between the front gate and la casa is nearly a mile long. So along the road (or elsewhere on the mountain), install a billboard that proclaims

                  LOVE POETRY OR DIE!

(Thank you, New Hampshire)

2) Since Galatea here is the notion of what happens when the perfect woman steps offa the pedestal, I want to install the hint of a HUGE woman rising out of the mountain. Just half of the head and perhaps hint of a shoulder coming out from earth. Ideally, the physical sculpture would be abstract steel waves done by Richard Serra -- but I'm sure Richard would charge too much. Unless he comes across this entry in which case I say, I'ma offering you terrain, Richard Dear, and I'm sure you'd love to do it because Poetry is priceless...

3) A metal clothesline of poetry books. The books would be done in a way where you can temporarily attach pages of poetry for guests to read, say, when having a party. So, over time, one can print out different poems for appending to the sculpture.

More to come...

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