Friday, June 15, 2007


Impossible. We've had to create a *very brief* description of moi's The Light Sang As It Left Your Eyes (forthcoming this Fall from Marsh Hawk Press) for various ads and distributor catalogues. Impossible, but here's what got concocted:

Winner of the Philippines' National Book Award for Poetry, Eileen R. Tabios has a reputation for uniquely melding ekphrasis and transcolonialism. The Light Sang As It Left Your Eyes is her most overtly political work yet, referencing her roots as a "Marcos Baby," a member of the generation that grew up under Ferdinand Marcos' dictatorship.

You see what I mean? No mention of my father, and yet it was his death that spurred the book. Surreal (for me) take on how poetry transcends autobiography.


Recently got an email requesting a review copy of The sweet! Thanks for thinking of me. And if anyone else wants a review copy, just email me at and I'll put you on the list to receive! Same thing goes, btw, for exam copies.


Meanwhile, if you wanna pre-order the book, check out The Light Sang As It Left Your Eyes at


Barnes & Noble
B&N is offering a deal where if you join its club (or whatever that is), you can get the book for $16.15, versus the book's retail price of $19.95 (that may be as good a price as you can get for a new copy of my book).

Of course, you can wait to get the book through SPD as well and support a worthwhile organization that way!

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