Monday, June 11, 2007


I was pleased by this review in The Feminist Review by Vita Foster of moi's Dredging For Atlantis. Pleased, not because it's a ravingly positive review (it's not) but because of this paragraph (click on it for whole review):
Most of the poems are short and in many cases did not grab my attention right away. Yet, many contained a startling turn of phrase that invited deeper contemplation, an effect I crave and the reason why I read poetry. Others just made me wonder what Tabios was smoking.

Someone once paid me the highest compliment possible (though I don't know if he knew he was paying a compliment) when he said about some of my poems (in ENGLISH): "I don't understand your poems but I like them."

Love it.

As for what I smoke? If you must know: ye olde Cuban cigar, the tip dipped first in the Chatelaine's Chalice which, in this instance, would probably bear the 1945 Taylor's Fladgate!

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