Friday, June 08, 2007


Well, the would-be Babaylan thinks as she pats pats some lavender lotion over her battle scars, That was exhausting.

But another day, another Goliath toppled...

She turns to look at her avid Peeps. I just know, Moi says, you're wondering what I'm talking about.

Well, I'ma talking about having just received payment for a 7-month old order from BARNES AND IGNOBLE. In case you don't know, this is a corporate that's particularly inhospitable to indie publishers. It's not uncommon for invoice payments to be delayed, especially if you're a small company with no volume clout; I know of at least one publisher out there who only sells to B&N if they prepay their orders.

Anyway, I was wrestling them on this ridiculous invoice all year. 'Twas an unnecessarily contentious invoice, but I handled it with steel, grit and the grace for which I am deservedly well-renowned. Indeed, I only had to flare out the muscular wing span just once. People don't generally know, you see, just how muscular angels are.


Still, since the matter at hand was poetry book sales, I will net from this 7-month turmoil exactly ... $0.00. My author will get all the cash while I...while I [insert the scratching of the Moi head to figure out what Moi gets out of this] while I get to lower the pile from my In Box by one more piece of paper.

Awww Yeaaaaahh!!

And such goes yet another tale from the life of a poetry publisher.

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