Friday, June 01, 2007


Well, we're still tinkering with the book cover, but it's not a chore when you have such a fabulous start (see prior post). Meanwhile, if you haven't gleaned from reading the prior post (and other posts I've done) regarding The Light Sang..., moi Fall book, I had to address the matter of writing about myself in a way that said "I" becomes relevant to other readers not at all interested in me.

I hope this article in the just-released issue of OurOwnVoice exemplifies one way in which The Light Sang, even as it stems from my father's death, is about the world beyond my particular family. Moi is not about me but about you. In the OurOwnVoice example, it touches on the Marcos dictatorship -- if you scroll all the way down in the article, you'll see a list poem where each line is a title of a book written by Marcos. The list is in chronological order...and I think attests to "the tragedy of how much potential the Philippines has lost as a result of corrupt politics". (Even for me, there's a sort of poignancy now -- a lot of regret anyway -- in reading the titles of Marcos' books...)

Elsewhere in OurOwnVoice's new issue, I am purred to share the article wrapping up the results of The Filamore Tabios, Sr. Memorial Poetry Prize which my family sponsored in Dad's honor. Jean Vengua, of course, won for her manuscript Prau, which is espected to be released this Fall by Meritage Press.

So Yay and Yadda to all that!

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