Thursday, May 10, 2007


Jean Vengua's PRAU, one of Meritage Press' 2007 titles and winner of the Filamore Tabios Memorial Poetry Prize, just got its first blurb -- from stellar poet Susan Schultz who also publishes Tinfish Press!

Jean Vengua is a poet of the typo, the missed step, the happy and unhappy accident; in short, she is a poet of linguistic and global migration. Prau moves its reader from the Philippines to the Bay Area and back, “always mining past present tenses.” In her aptly titled prose poem, “Momentum,” Vengua links Gustav Mahler, her mother, Buffalo Soldiers, Marie Curie, Roberto Matta, and Jose Rizal in a dance of histories real and imagined. The momentum of her writing brings together what is otherwise ripped asunder: “That is to make beautiful where the dissonance begins to tear.”
--Susan M. Schultz, Editor, Tinfish Press

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