Friday, May 04, 2007


So, once I said -- as far back as this April 2005 interview -- that I wanted my BRICK to be used as a cooking tool (curing gravlax) as Moi believes poetry belongs outside the library. I wasn't joking, you know. And so when I discovered relatively recently that Geoffrey Gatza is a CHEF(!), I naturally sent a copy of said BRICK over -- wrapped in tinfoil to be all ready to squat on the salmon!

And you know what Geoffrey -- known as well to y'all, I'm sure, as proprietor of BlazeVox Books -- said? The poet-chef sez, He was forced to read the poetry (all 504 pages?! sorry Geoffrey!) since he already had "a nice Harold Bloom anthology of English poetry that works well [as a gravlax brick]" and "a nice set of Carl Dennis books for [his] smoker."

Moi am highly amused.

Well, let me spout some Finnish since Moi just loves those Radiant, oh so Radiant Finns: Oh, Moi just Loves that Graavilohi ...

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