Saturday, May 26, 2007


Over dinner last night, the hubby decided to explain why he had designed the hallway entry to the kitchen to be wider than usual.

Hubba hubba Hubby said that one of his clients now has most of my poetry books and has enjoyed reading them. Moreover, said client has a younger brother who just got a four-year scholarship to my old haunt, Columbia University, and he apparently has been reading through and loving my poetry books!

Well, preen. A million years later after I finished preening, I asked, what did that have to do with the kitchen entryway?

Hubby looked up from his beet salad and said, So your head can pass through it.

Very funny. And then I trotted happily away to put together a package of my own books to give to the future Columbia graduate. I like the idea of more of my books ending up on the campus where I used to wreak much enchanting havoc.

And which is also all to say, I currently have commitments for 37 new reviews for the 7th issue of Galatea Resurrects, when Issue No. 6 is barely out of the gate! Join the party, folks, by sending in your own engagements with poetry. Galatea Resurrects is not just for the poetry world but the world out there filled with people like my husband's client and his younger brother -- people who can be attuned to poetry and are just needing to be given a reason to be so, uh, tuned.

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