Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Woot! Woke up to see the e-mailed pdf of my proof for The Light Sang As It Left Your Eyes, forthcoming from Marsh Hawk Press (MHP) this fall! (I was expecting it, which was why I rushed to release Galatea Resurrects #6 earlier this week.)

And The Light is not a 504-page BRICK (I join you in your sigh of relief), but it is... [drum roll]

               376 pages

Which is to say, what I most appreciate about MHP is how it's a publisher that goes the distance required by moi poetry. 376 pages! And that's after printing a prior book of 504 pages! So thank you, Big Bird. You are Big!

Having said that, I also, ahem, had to promise MHP I wouldn't release a book in 2008. MHP doesn't preclude its authors from publishing with other presses, but I guess they had to put their wing down on Moi who, since I began publishing a poetry book in the U.S. in 2002, then released another book in 2004, followed by 2 books each in 2005, 2006 and 2007. I guess I understand MHP's concern that my Fall book have a chance to breathe, and so accommodated their wish.

Plus, I know I blathered here before but I'm all a-purring over it -- the Fall book comes in a hardback edition, as well as a limited edition with drawing (the latter will only cost you $750 each. A bargain!)

But hey, you publishers, you could offer a book deal in 2009 because that'd allow you to promote me as an author with the tag:
"Here's Eileen Tabios' first book in....uh, over a year!"

Wouldn't that be a hot pitch?! It'd get you at least 2 extra book sales, guaranteed!

Meanwhile, dear MHP, we didn't discuss constraining ... "chaps".... heee.

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