Thursday, May 17, 2007


Unbelievable that I'm part of "New Media", by which I mean this announcement below from Nicholas Manning, founder of one of those Wave of the Future gizmos, The Continental Review. Here's the irony from this Luddite, I can't access You Tube as, on the mountain, I'm still on Dial Up. So I know it exists (and undoubtedly making me look even fatter than I am). Perhaps someday, and hopefully this summer, Broadband service will come to the mountain. Until then, I'll take your word that I'm blathering here:

Dear Poets, Friends, Colleagues,

I am writing to tell you about the launch of the first exclusively video-only forum for contemporary poetry and poetics on the web, The Continental Review. The site, which has just gone live over at, is a continuously updated collection of video readings, video reviews and video interviews of and about contemporary poetry and poetics. For the launch, we are lucky enough to be featuring videos by such extraordinary poets as:

Linh Dinh
Noah Eli Gordon
Eileen Tabios
Tom Beckett
Chris Vitiello
Jonathan Leon
Joshua Marie Wilkinson
Allyssa Wolf

It is our hope that The Continental Review, with its videos available simultaneously on the website and via YouTube, signals a new approach in the communication and reception of contemporary poetry and poetics by means of new media.

I hope you’ll find the site interesting, and I look forward to your feedback, as well as your participation.


Nicholas Manning
Editor, The Continental Review
27 rue Morand 75011 Paris France


THANKS to Rhett Pascual and Michelle Bautista for video-ing me and then sending such over to Paris. I don't do anything more sophisticated than tapping the On-Off Button without checking in with Michelle and company! Hijo and Hija, Agyamanak!