Saturday, May 12, 2007


As Jean writes about the salubriousness of weeding, she remembers:

As I write this I am thinking of a certain room in Eileen’s house. A thoroughly bourgeoisie room, one might think; a beautiful room, with a crystal chandelier and a big bed…but dominated by a huge and mysterious painting of what could be a dog, but feels more like a wolf, on the run…(I don’t recall the name of the artist).

It's pink onyx, not crystal.

And I've had to move that dog-painting by Leonard Koscianski to the dining room in San Francisco -- to aid my guests' digestive processes....heeee. (If you click on prior link as well as this LINK (4th image down), you'll see a fetchingly rabid dawg face...)

Replacing it is a lyrical monotype by Michael Mazur....and also on that wall, since Jean's visit, is a black-and-white hay(na)ku painting by poet - painter Thomas Fink. One of his best paintings! Tom just gets better and better!

Art moves me...and sometimes, I move Art around...

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