Sunday, May 20, 2007


If all goes as planned, the new issue of Galatea Resurrects will debut ... tomorrow! Watch here for details!

Two things came up as I was putting this puppy to bed:

1) Since I've never edited a poetry review journal before, I'm not quite clear on the protocol on the review copies sent to reviewers who then are unable to come through with a review. Perhaps publishers just assume that sending out a review copy is just to risk it not getting reviewed AND losing that copy. But what I would like to gently request, Oh Peep, is that: Lissen -- you're not gonna get any grief from me if you can't come through with a review. S__ happens, as they say. But I would dearly love to get back the review copies of any books you can't review after all. As you might notice, most of these review copies are put out by smaller presses and I can assure you that they're not in a good financial position to be able to give out tons of review copies. (Of course, if you didn't come through this time, you can still keep the review copy if you want to do a review for the next issue!) And of course, if you did do a review, you can keep the book!

2) I didn't expect the popularity of Galatea Resurrects (wait till you see next issue!). Which is to say, in the beginning, I'd created a list of books from what inventory I have to offer as "payment" to Galatea's reviewers. Well, that list is pretty much picked over as, quite often (and thank you very much), some of the same reviewers keep reviewing for the next issue. Now, Andrea Baker had been kind enough to donate four copies of her fabulous book LIKE WIND LOVES A WINDOW for GR's reviewers (as of this writing, 3 were swiftly snatched up). Thank you, Andrea! And so I thought I'd raise the possibility to poets/publishers -- if you have a few books you can spare for this purpose, at least you will know that the readers are the "right audience" as they're the type to be reviewing poetry in the first place. If interested in donating some books, let me know at

Woof, Smooches, and Thank you for listening...