Thursday, May 24, 2007


The vowel is delibately misspelled because I think a certain pastor is reading moi blog (I don't know why; it's not necessarily good for your digestion, Reverend). In any event, fickity-fick at what I discovered yesterday:

The media mail rate for mailing out the typical poetry book has gone up 43%. If my Meritage Press and other poetic bidness were run as real businesses instead of as exemplars of the fickity-fick Gift Economy, I'd be filing for bankruptcy now.

So all that this former economist (yah, I've been that, too) can say is:



Nor do you need to be a fickity-fick economist to know that money is fungible. So the dog poop icing on this matter is that the increased postal revenues aren't necessarily to prop up the inefficient U.S. postal system. It's de facto to also continue financing that fucking war in Iraq masterminded by one of the most incompetent Commanders ever to piss in the White House. What a fickity-fick fucking mess.

Well now, she's in a mood, ain't she...a flying effin mood.

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