Saturday, June 09, 2007


Since Galatea Resurrects (GR) is located in the internet, there's no reason why it should only publish English-language reviews or engagements, right? Poetry is inherently transnational, after all!

Well, GR has just received its first non-English poetry collection: SUCURSAL DE ESTRELLA: POEMARIOS INICIALES Y FINALES by Alvaro Cardona Hine (assume an accent por favor over the first A, but which I don't know how to do in Blogger). Cardona was born in Costa Rica and now lives in New Mexico. The book is copublished by University of New Mexico Press and Spain's Editorial Catriel. So if you are Spanish-fluent/knowledgeable and would like to do a review, just email Moi at!

And, of course, whilst you're checking it out HERE, do please check out the other review copies hoping for your engagement!