Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Blogging in coffee break from proofing nearly 600 pages of manuscripts, of which only about one-third of the page count is mine (no doubt to your relief). Thankfully, the rest relate to the next two books to be published by Meritage Press. I've talked about Jean Vengua's forthcoming PRAU before. But I don't think I've yet mentioned that also forthcoming from moi press will be

FRAGILE REPLACEMENTS by William Allegrezza


Or, as Moi would put it: YADDA!

Here's one of the blurbs for Bill's book:
Allegrezza's poetic canvas-of-choice is the lyric, and his lyrical investigations frequently appear to evolve or grow. . . from an imagination fueled by found language fragments and theory-singed excesses. This particular poet's capacity to create resonant, "deep" images is extraordinary. -- Clayton Couch

This book will be available in late summer/Fall and be distributed by SPD and Amazon, among others. You teachers -- this is the Allegrezza book to assign for your poety/creative writing students (so what if I'm biased since I published it?) Anyway, await it with anticipation, Peeps. It's an Event.

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