Friday, June 15, 2007


And I ain't talkin' walking stick, yo!

To wit: I am purrrred to announce that Meritage Press now has a new Associate Editor! None other than Gura Michelle Bautista (author of Kali's Blade)! I have staff! That generates more frisson than when I got myself Meritage Press business cards at Staples, even though I gave moiself the title, "Chair of the Universe"!

I got staff! I can just feeeeel the penthouse office coming my way soon!

And here is Michelle's photo again -- one of the most popular images ever to grace my blogs, by the way. I got staff and SHE can kick your ass -- or slice it up! -- if you don't buy the books I publish!

(Michelle--I'm so slow. All this time and it wasn't until I linked to your Pusod editorial that I realized your Princess Josephine is blind...just like Moi the Chatelaine! Synchronicity! Blessings! Now, go do what Associate Editors do! Whatever such is.)

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