Friday, February 16, 2007


Speaking of Marsh Hawk Press (MHP) , it just received two grants: 1) a grant from NYSCA / CLMP for the press.....and 2) a grant from The Monterey Fund directed at my Fall 2007 MHP book, The Light Sang As It Left Your Eyes.

Well now. Thankee! Timely for that prior post's "limited edition" of Moi -- herself a very limited edition, too, and no doubt to many people's relief...!

This, mayhap, may be why one of MHP's editors just quoted someone else to note about Moi:

"All she did was whine
and then dine
on the remains."

I'ma jes havin' a good ol' time here. Are you? Oh please just let me be Drew Barrymore to your Hugh Grant...!