Monday, February 12, 2007


There's a good reason and a bad reason to take a breather from busily formatting the soon-to-be-released next issue of Galatea Resurrects:

Yo State of California -- your ridiculous energy policy is discouraging me from expanding Galatea's solar field. Now, does that even make sense? Woke up to today's news -- prices have risen another 5 cents per gallon at the pump! So, Google Moi, Gov. Schwarzenneger and other "CALIFORNIA ENERGY POLICY" makers: Get your acts together -- you're discouraging independent power producting activities.

Well, Whooo and a ... Coooooooo! Yours Truly just got her FIRST

Hardcover ISBN

I will be in hardback! Worth breathing out a Nota Bene, moithinks.

Cooooo-ing over those numbers! Cooooo....!