Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Woooo! And that wasn't Daddy the Owl! I'ma Woooo-ing as today was a big snailmail day for receiving review copies for Galatea Resurrects! Including "advance copies" from Coffee House....which further includes RIPPLE EFFECT: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS by Elaine Equi! Now, that be a major event even bigger than, uh, today's snailmail!

So, surely you lovely Peeps wanna go to Galatea's Review Copy List and choose something to resurrect for the Sixth Issue -- deadline May 5, 2007? Of course you do! Go on! Choose something! Then email Moi at

Of course I'm also highlighting Elaine Equi here because as I pridefully blogged before in a prior blog, I was the first blogger she read! Preen. Who knows, though? She may not read blogs anymore after my blather. But still, that doesn't preclude me from emphasizing, we got her SELECTED in Galatea's House! A goodie, Peeps. Woooo.