Saturday, February 17, 2007


Yeah! "El Tigre's on the prowl"! To quote Moi Court Jester LeClerc, "You won’t get stuff like this with ESPN or Paris Review."

...which is to say, Poetry can encompass anything. Even Golf. Who'da thunk?

So git over to the sporting golf commentary on my Editor's Introduction at Galatea Resurrects! Ending with a doozy of a poem by Kapitan LeClerc -- click on excerpt below to see the whole thing;

El Tigre (for Tiger Woods)

Put away your putters
Cast off and toss your irons.
Though your drivers be of Titanium made,
Tiger's orange shall make you
Bitter Marmalade.

LeClerc -- it is indeed "brisk as a goddam volcano"! For that, you, too shall get a calendar with moi dawgs!