Saturday, September 08, 2012


Again, I don't assign myself poetry books to review.  I just try to read as widely as I can and whatever compels me to review them end up being the poetry books I will have reviewed!  This, of course, means I love it when I review a poetry book--it means that something in it sufficiently moved me to write about it.  In this way, I turn the poetry book review into a gift to moiself, rather than a chore!

Which is all to say, I'm delighted to share the next poetry publication I ended up reviewing for the forthcoming issue of Galatea Resurrects: a chap entitled MAY APPLE DEEP by Michael Sikkema.  I recommend it, and you still might get it at a bargain price through its publisher's two-for-one special--one of the great deals in poetry town.  Check out Horse Less Press (which truly is doing great work nowadays)!

And more review copies are available HERE!

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