Monday, October 18, 2010


Love small town living! This weekend, Michael and Achilles participated in a local annual rite as part of "Harvest Weekend": the "legendary" St. Helena Pet Parade!

Here's Michael and Achilles waiting for the festivities to start. I think the idea was to channel Hemingway in Key West....okay--I actually just made that up because they were supposed to be costumed as "favorite literary characters" and this was the best that one could muster for "costumes." I could always cite King Kamehameha of some children's book but, whatever...:

Clearly, however, others had no problem costuming themselves more ornately:

And, Aaaaaaww! There's the human batman and the pooch Robin!

O moi gawd! Is that legal to spray paint that poodle that way? Even when perpetrated to match his human/bee? Buzzzzzz:

Actually, speaking of the buzz, junior bee-keeper Michael and Achilles had a chance to check out the trailer where a beekeeper kept his hives. The hubby actually went up to the beekeeper, whose name escapes me, for help in harvesting our honey--perhaps this weekend!

Finally, the parade started--and it had to start, but of course, with some high school cheerleaders!

Here's Michael and Achilles parading down the one-block! Yes, did I mention that this entire "legendary parade" occurred within the span of ... one block! Love these small towns! Tho, given that the peeps in question were aminals, one block probably is a great idea:

Here's one of the crowd pleasers besides Achilles--two pooches costumed as bride and groom!

Great job, guys!

Actually, I think the whole thing was a bit much for Achilles -- moithinks the pressure to maintain his cool handsomeness overloaded him a tad. He spent the rest of the day blanketing my leather couch!

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