Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I got chastised. Michael got his first email account through his school a couple of months back to facilitate homework and teacher communications. Well, we were scrolling through his email account last night to address some computer glitch, and we saw my very first email to him which I'd sent as regards his Chinese food homework. He pointed at the email and said,
"Mom, in the future, please do not sign with 'Love'."

That is, I'd signed off with "Love, Mom."

E. Gads. Save me from adolescents.

So I just sent him my second email this morning (about that computer glitch). I felt ... something ... when I had to go back and edit my "Love, Mom" into simply, "Mom."

Something akin to that burr from experiencing food poisoning. It just didn't ... feel right ... to edit out "Love."

But I recovered. Fortunately, in our family, the phrase is redundant anyway. "Mom" inherently means "Love."

Here's a photo of a pyjama-ed Michael with Achilles -- it's a blessing how animals, especially dogs, allow self-conscious teen boys to display affection, to display Love:

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