Monday, October 04, 2010


So Galatea hosted a wedding for one of our oldest family friends and the gal with no taste who chose to marry him (with friends like these, yadda yadda). But imagine my STUNNED SURPRISE when their wedding planner came up to me and said she's part of a local poetry group in her 'hood and that she'd Googled me for my poems and loved them etcetera etwonderfuletcetera! I mean, I had to do a mental double-take: it's simply not common for me to be going about my days and meet a stranger who would love my poems! Purrr! "J Lo" rocks!

Oh, wait, this post was about our newly-wed friends. Cough. Anyway, here are photos-- the affair was so full of Love Love Love AND Beauty ... as befits when Poetry is perfuming the air!

Last-minute Wedding preparations by the pool:

The hubby rushing to bring the Kiddush cups, the same cups from which we'd sipped our troth a century ago:

Before things got started, Gabriela and Achilles asked the ringbearer, flowergirl and their Mom to pose:

Wedding guests at their seats awaiting the start of the bridal ceremony:

The flower girl and ring bearer with the rabbi:

The lovely bride escorted by her parents:

The two-into-one family beneath the chuppah:

Being a respectful creature, Achilles wears a yarmulke:

The reception:

African drums against the sunset introduce the bridge and groom at the start of the reception:

Animals rule at Galatea, e.g. the pediment developed from photographs of our cats Artemis and Scarlet as well as Achilles and Gabriela playing tug-of-rope:

The bride and groom aloft, Jewish style:

Achilles was a hit with the girls:

Behind the scenes in kitchen (I show this shot simply to indicate that the kitchen does get used, albeit not by Moi):

Gabriela pooped out early from all the excitement and successful foraging for treats from various food servers:

The groom and Achilles collapsed together at the end of the festivities:

And a lovely bonus was how the wedding occasion probably shaved off a month or two from the final construction completion date as I cracked the whip over the Big, Burly Men in the last two weeks to complete construction as much as they can--and they couldn't complain given the impending wedding!

I don't have a photo now, but six flags flew over Galatea that day: the U.S., Colombia, Philippines, Japan, Israel and Galatea. Thus, is the global village Moi Home...

So, that was fun and ... to all a Good Night!

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