Sunday, October 03, 2010


TinFish, edited by Susan Schultz, has had a fabulous green-before-green-got-environmentally-hip run. I'm honored to be part of its Issue 20 which apparently will be the last for at least a couple of years. Click on links and check it out! These issues are not just made for your eyes, but for your hands -- tactile gems they are!

Last but not least, TinFish is special to Moi as back in the day when my poems started sloughing off the linear narrative skin to become whatever they are today, TinFish was among the first to welcome my experiments. This was helpful to me as some of the editors of journals that published my early work professed disappointment in how I changed my work. I won't go into it more except to say that Susan Schultz is one of poetry's loveliest treasures as not just a fabulous poet but also editor.