Friday, September 17, 2010


                  --for Leny, who loves to dance!

Michael just attended his first dance when his school, together with two other schools, held a 7th and 8th grade dance. Apparently, the staff at his school counseled the students on appropriate behavior et al for a dance. Something got lost in the translation as Michael heard the guidelines as, quote,
"If a boy wants to kiss a girl or a girl wants to kiss a boy, don't do it at the dance. Take it outside."

What? Heh. Well, Michael didn't try to kiss a girl though I think he would have been tickled if a girl tried to kiss him. Anyway, he had a fantabulous time, which was such a relief to me--I didn't know what he could handle and, initially, I wasn't planning on having him attend the dance. Nor did he show much interest innit. I found out later, though, from one of the teachers that he apparently started showing interest when the school started discussing dance guidelines and they mentioned the above Kissing rule. Oh, and the teacher said, "Yes, some of the kids make-out! And that's when the parent-volunteers start wading in yelling, 'Make way for Jesus!'"

Well, the other two schools with which Michael's school does social events are Catholic, but that still cracked Moi up! Wade in and part that Red Sea!

Anyway, Michael apparently asked two girls to dance and they both said, Yes!!!! Unlike his buddy, X, who apparently had to ask four girls to get two girls to dance with him--or so Michael reported with much glee. That's moi handsome boy!

Actually, he said he asked "two-and-a-half" girls to dance. The half was when he asked one girl to dance, then did a double-take as he looked at her, then asked suspiciously, "What grade are you in?"

When the girl said, "6th grade," Michael then scoffed, "Nope. Too young!"

I don't know what that sixth grader was doing there, but if she sneaked in maybe the incident will give her pause in the future...

Anyway, I am so lame. So I'm enthusiastically torturing him for more details by asking, "What did you dance? The tango...?"

He replied, "Mom, that is for old people!"


He kindly elaborated, "Hip hop. Some Lady Ga-Ga..."

Okay. Whatever. But I also now have a new type of leverage over Michael. Anytime he looks to misbehave, I now threaten him, "If you do that, I'm going to volunteer at the next school dance!"

Woot! The first time I threatened that, he got such a SCARED look on his face I lost five pounds laughing.

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