Thursday, September 09, 2010


So Michael has to commute to his new school. In the mornings, he participates in a carpool twice a week. But for the other three mornings, he has to take a bus. To wit, Michael's bus:

But of course I was there during his first day taking the bus and surreptitiously taking photographs for memorializing the moment into eternal grace!


Meanwhile, Rebecca posted this recently:
Lists of all kinds give me comfort and add gravity to a world that sometimes feels a bit wonky.

I empathize and love the above statement...

...and lists really can be autobiographical. Michael, in a further attempt to boost his English, now has a school project goal of learning at least 900 new words by the end of the schoolyear. These are the first words in his 900-WORD LIST OF NEW WORDS:

And you betcha there's going to be a List-based Poem here by Mama Moi!

Not sure how he got the first five words -- could be from reading books or newspapers. But I was there when he learned "script" as it came up when he asked me how to handwrite his name. Yes, though he knows his letters, he hadn't been sure how to handwrite (isn't this a 3rd grade lesson of sorts...but his formal elementary schooling was spotty).

And "knuckle" arose from jokingly bandying "knuckle-head" when he did something ... knuckleheadedly.

Anyway, it is a blessing to watch Michael blossom ... especially as he gets such JOY from learning! This boy is really a gift, notwithstanding his occasional ... knuckleheadedness!

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