Sunday, September 12, 2010


Uplift--pun intended! I've been in construction for ten years! I'm about two months away from finishing, and here's a photo essay where the Big, Burly Men gave me one of my favorite birthday presents: four palm trees in the conservatory! A tribute to the gorgeous atrium of the World Financial Center before it was bombed on 9-1-1 -- as much as anything, I will always be a New Yorker.

This "Spider" crane entered through the doors as an oversized suitcase, before expanding into a huge crane. It reminded me of Louise Bourgeois' arachnid sculptures:

Gabriela waiting impatiently by one of the slots for its tree:

The first successfully implemented tree!

How many men does it take to assess the lean to a tree trunk?

The hubby is a satisfied customer--he was also the planner of a fabulous birthday weekend--thank you Dear!

Why bring trees inside the house? Because I, too, am a nature poet! I strive for no division between my "I" and the World...

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