Sunday, October 10, 2010


This weekend, the hubby and I celebrated our 24th year wedding anniversary! More special than usual as we celebrated it with a son! Here's a photo of the anniversary cards and an anniversary present to the hubby:

Yes, for our 24th millionth anniverary, I gave him a box of Mallomars. It's better than what he got me: nothing(1). This is the state of blessedness -- when gifts are superflous because one has everything through Love. Speaking of love, here's the interior of Michael's handmade card:

In case you can't read it, Michael wrote:
Dad and Mom
I expect you two to be great parents for me. Happy anniversary mom and dad. Best wishes, Michael, Achilles, Gabriela, Artemis and Escarlet

He expects us to be "great parents"...? That's undoubtedly a metaphor for us giving him a PSP, a Blackberry, and all sorts of electronic gizmos that we've so far refused. He's obviously picked up English quickly, she dryly adds...

My card to the hubby was of the two frogs and the interior continues the front saying so that the wish is, "I'll love you (open the card) until I croak." Funny, yah?

Actually, it's lame. It's lame that a poet of a gazillion words such as moiself cannot come up with a poem. I heard the same thing during the recent wedding -- why don't I write a poem? Why, indeed?

I really suck at the so-called "occasional poem." I won't speculate as to why, but I suspect it's ill-fit for me is ... purrfectly appropos. After all, for the discerning poet, every moment can be an occasion...!

(1) I exagerrate--the wonderful hubby did take me to dinner at Martini House and popped open the last bottle of '88 Lafite from the wine cellar! And classic teen-hood indeed that instead of having one of MH's fabulous desserts, we had to go to a local ice cream parlor for Michael....We have a child now!

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